Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Princess Ella of Hampden.

(I thought I had posted this last week, but I was wrong, so I'm going to share it with you anyways.)

I realize I'm about a million (editor's note: MAJOR emphasis there) years late, but we all had this spectacularly exciting day on Friday... right? I mean it was... with the Royal Wedding and all.

So what did we do in my city?

We celebrated of course with our own Royal Wedding Reception!

At our local English Pub in Downtown, a Best Friend of our family set up a fundraiser for our local YWCA and it was a smashing hit. Filled with "Hip, Hip, HOORAH's!" and toasts, and MANY hats, and believe me when I say the hats at our party were simply marvelous. :)

The hype for this even had been going on for about 2 months and we were all giving the opportunity to pick out our own titles.

OH MAN, the chance of a lifetime.. the chance to be Royalty... the chance to be SO close to Prince Harry.. It was all mine... all i had to do was choose what title would fit me best.. and help me to woo my darling Prince.

Let's weigh out the options..  shall we?

Queen - What a nice title to have right? EXCEPT, it seems to be a little too forward and I wouldn't want to be like "OH HEY HARRY, HERE I AM, YA KNOW.. THE QUEEN"
 I didn't think they'd take that to well..

Duchess - OKAY, so obviously this isn't as prestigious as I (personally) wanted to be.

Then I decided on Princess.

because... obviously. :]

Thennnnn I got to wear a crown.
There was no champagne in that glass.
So don't fret.
I am being good till I'm 21.
kind of.

AND then, I kissed the Prince.
Although, much like everyone else.
I wished for it to be Prince Harry.
Oh Harry, my love, why haven't we found each other yet?

SO, if you've been reading me for any amount of time, and or read my old blog, you know I'm from Flint (I'd link to it, but ya know, I can't find the post and I'm lazy).

In Flint *town (as we lovingly call it) If you walk anywhere and you have legs (which is a given, since you know.. you're walking)... You are going to get cat called BY EVERY SINLEGUYOUTTHEREDRIVINGWALKINGCRAWLINGOMGEW. and yes, I know this is true in most places.

So naturally,  wearing the above got me some NICE comments.

When I arrive at the reception, I tell my mom & dad about it. They laugh and say "of course".

So when leaving the party, I walked back across the street to my car and had almost successfully completed the trek when....


I stop.
I turn.
I give a smug smile.

and ....


keep walking.

I had so many snarky things to say, but truthfully, my car was still 100ft away and he could've followed me.

Yes, I know.
I'm a huge coward.

SO, tell me, my brave ones.

What would you have said to this fool?

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