Friday, January 21, 2011


Do you remember me?

I'm that one that is supposed to be writing here.

but here's the thing, (there is always a thing isn't there?) I have zero inspiration these days because I'm all girly and emotional and blah blah blah. No it isn't that time of month (yet, although, it is RIGHT around the corner.. sorry to the gents that read..) I'm just not feeling like myself, and haven't for a week now. I'm thinking something is up.. but I'm still in the denial phase of it all, so as I lay around and write countless depressing/ihatemylife/crywhinemoany posts, I just hit delete before any of you can read it.

Sorry, they are usually good for a laugh and one of these days I'll share a depressing one with you. I mean, I'm that girl who tries to get all deep and meaningful when writing the "I'm sad" posts. I try to come up with all kinds of metaphors to describe the pain and sorrow I feel inside. It's quite entertaining. Seriously. Also, I'm one of those "I need you to feel my pain with me so I'm not alone" kind of people.

Ugh, I hate myself when I'm all depressy and yuck. (is depressy even a word.. or a "good" made up word?)

So yeah, I've been a big ball of fun and I've sucked even more because I haven't kept you guys posted.

Feel free to send me a smack over the internet.

My life basically consists of working, going to school (which is going really well btw) and freezing my ass off. It is Michigan and it is winter. IT'S EFFING COLD.

So, I'm going to continue to shiver over here and work on a post that is worth reading. Not a fluff piece because seriously, who likes fluff pieces? They are boring.


  1. Re: The Effing cold... Just hang in there! See, the National Weather Service has us under a "Winter Weather Advisory" until 5 p.m. (At least, for those of us in Ottawa County.) So that means that they are not anticipating winter weather after five. As such, I think they are expecting it to be sunny and in the 80's in a couple of hours. So there's always that to look forward to...

    On a more realistic note, I personally don't think anyone should feel the need to ever post fluff pieces "just to post something." If you have something to say, say it. If not, no need to apologize. Everyone has down times in their life. It just happens, you know?

    I figure that my followers will see when I have new posts up. Admittedly, I'm not too sure where my other readers come from, but I'll generally make a quick note on Facebook and maybe Twitter if I've updated my blog.

    Hope you shake your blues soon!! (Try not to think about the weather.)

  2. Michigan winter is definitely an excuse for the blahs - hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. I rather hear about your day at work or school because honestly all these depressing girly blogs get boring after awhile.

  4. Oh, I definitely know the depressing posts. I've had quite a few myself!

  5. I love you all more than a fat kid loves cake.