Thursday, January 27, 2011


I like to do things big. I'm talkin' HUGE. I like parties or conversations or events or whatever else to be over the top huge so that everyone always remembers and talks about it.


This year, I turn 21.

Obviously I'm doin' it big.

I'm the last one of my friends to turn 21 so this is obviously a big deal. Not to mention that I expect absolutely nothing less than Princess treatment for the month (and a half) that I celebrate my birthday and if you don't treat me as such, I cry. A lot. See, if you click here you can see me wearing a crown for my 20th birthday. I also cried a lot that day because things didn't go my way and I have this thing about Birthdays, especially mine, where the day has to be UTTERLY PERFECT for that person because DUH its your birthday and we are celebrating you so that means its your day and YOU CHOOSE because you are said prince or princess. That was also one of the longest run-on sentences ever.

Birthdays hold a special place in my heart. In fact, not even 2 weeks ago I spent something like 45 minutes on the phone with my friend 2 days before her birthday (a 21st mind you) trying to tell her how amazing birthdays are and no matter what happens she can't be a sourpuss because it is her BIRTHDAY. a day completely devoted (in my eyes) to her and what she wants. She wanted to skip her birthday entirely and frankly, we just can't have that nonsense going on.

When I was little, my birthday was the MOST IMPORTANT DAY EVER.
Mostly because I've always been a little bit conceited and I like to think very highly of myself.
WHAT OF IT? :] (just kidding.. except for when its my birthday)

My birthday is on June 16. (mark your calendar or set a reminder in your phone, whatever it is so you remember to pop in and wish me happy birthday or send me a card or a diamond.. whatever you choose)

That's a Thursday this year which means I'm taking a 4 day weekend and LIVING IT UP all 4 days.

Okay.. so maybe just 3 days since Sunday will likely be the recovery day...

Now, I need these 4 days to be the biggest and most spectacular days ever.

this is where you come into play.

 I want YOUR help to plan my
 21st birthday.

(did the hot pink help to capture your attention?)

So please, drop me a line (as in words) and help me live it up.


  1. Woot !!!! OK clearly you came early and were actually supposed to be a LEO like me, because I too am a birthday ho, mostly because I haven't ever had one worth a crap. This past year I had a kickin virtual birthday thanks to the blog world and it rocked. But turning 21 warrants something like Casinos and Bourbon Street. I say this since my daughter turned 21 in May and I MADE her do both. So you and your friends need to plan a trip that includes those 2 things, I can give you the scoop on local stuff ! Party on and can I be the first to say HAPPY 21st birthday 6 MONTHS early ! WOOT !

  2. well, since i hate birthdays and all....i can't really relate. however i love planning other people's.

    one year, i made a hollywood celebrity dress up themed bday / halloween party for my metro bff. I called it HOLLYWEEN. the colors were midnight blue and hot pink. i had a fuzzy pink carpet leading up to the door with those little velvet barracade things. We had hot pink xmas lights everywhere as the only lighting and covered all the windows with blue fabric that had silvery speckles. looked pretty awesome. we handed out invitations that looked like giant theater ticket stubs. had an asian dj, which always helps. hah