Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 shout outs and the Zombie Spider that ruined my post.

I want to get this out of the way first and foremost.

You should go and check out The Tall One because she has a thing for combining words and I just have a problem speaking. She is my Stalger (blog stalker) and I am hers. It's really a fantastic relationship we have and she lives less than an hour away..

Meant to be?
I think yes.

Also, if you haven't, go read Blunt Delivery.
She is one of my favorite bloggers/people.
She is a fantastic writer no matter what the topic.
Today's 'bite' is beautiful.
Go read her too if you love me.
If not, don't tell me.. I don't want to be sad today.

Okay, now that those are out of the way let's talk about something else! *cue cheering*

I have officially entered the "floating" stage of the year before your birthday.


Somebody please explain to me how the Spider *shudders* I just smooshed with my shoe has seemingly come back to life?! UMMM, I am really not okay with this since I am 100% arachnophobic and am quite possibly beginning to have a panic attack if I am not already... Um... somebody please tell me we don't have zombie spiders or that spiders now have a super power to come back to life now.

Great. I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.
This is what I get for being freaking arachnaphobic.

again, I am not okay with this.

So back to me being in the floating stage before my birthday thing...
My birthday is 3 months away and to me, maybe not to you, it seems to be flying by but standing still at the same time. I hate this sensation, its like I come to terms with

OHMYGOD, I'm pretty sure the leg just twitched on the Zombie spider. I don't know for sure since I'm trying ot type this out, but you guys, this thing is in my periferals. I can't not see it. It's like I need horse blinders in order of avoid looking at it.

my birthday being close and I'll just have to wait, but I'm getting SO impatient at the same time.
I'd blame it on the fact that I'm turning 21 this year but in reality, I get this way every year around this time because obviously my birthday is my favorite day.

okay guys, I don't think i'm going to be able to finish this post because that really was a zombie spider. I literally came un-balled from when I smooshed it, sat there tapping its foot and the took off scampering down the wall.

Being an adult, I ran out to get someone to kill it for me.

Now I feel like I have things crawling all over me.
This is awful.
I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

ps - in the editting phase of this post, I seriously looked down and jumped out of my chair because I saw my own hair on me. There is something seriously wrong with me people. Does anyone have any idea how to work through arachnaphobia?? I mean, I know I should just go head on with my worst fear but obviously after the above incident, I can't. I mean, in 6th grade, I got out of taking an open book test because there was a spider on one of the pages and I screamed, slammed the book shut and started bawling my eyes out. It was traumatizing for an 11 year old okay? Yes, I mean both the spider being in the book and the fact that I did that in the middle of a SILENT classroom in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

pps - Don't ya'll wish you could be in my head?

pppss - Also, I'd provide a picture of what I think a Zombie Spider looks like, but then I'd never be able to come back to my own blog.. you guys understand that right? Also, if all the mention of the "spee-ider" (think MegaMind) comes back to haunt me here and shows up in my ads, I might have a heart attack... I am not considering changing all of the "s" words into "spee-ider"... tempting.. but I'm lazy.


  1. LOVE the shout out, thanks for that!

    Have you seen THIS?!


    (It's not spiders, it's zombie ants, so don't read it at work/without someone near. Seriously, I'll give you my number when you look at it, it's probably best someone is near to calm you down)

  2. So there is something that ruined your post??

    How sad! But did you ever think that a comment made by you could hurt someone.. and while you do it just for fun sake ..is it ok to hurt someone's feeling??

  3. awwwwww... stop yourself! you're too kind!

    um, i don't know about that spider, but could someone please tell me how i managed to drop a 5lb weight on my second toe when i wasn't even working out??