Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Belieber you.


I heard on the radio this morning that the Biebs is auctioning off a lock of his hair on Ebay for some Animal Shelter. The last I heard the bidding was up to $12,200. WHAT THE HELL? That's a LOT of money for hair people. A LOT of money for hair. That would put me out of debt, minus school loans of course, and leave me with some pennies left over.

I wish I had that kind of chump change to spend on JUSTIN BIEBER's hair.

Editor's note: Just checked (it is 12:30) and the bidding is up to $15,700. UGH. Would any of you like to buy a lock of my hair? I almost don't want you to answer that.. but please, please do.

Editor's note 2.0: The Bieb's hair ended up selling for a little over $40,000. I am kind of disgusted but at the same time I totally dig it.

I'm really still trying to figure out the appeal of Justin Bieber. At least the appeal for me. I totally dig why all these girls love him because I felt (and still feel) that way about the Backstreet Boys. Don't judge me. I've been to quite a few of there concerts, most recently in 2008 before I left for college and I felt like a little girl falling in love for the first time all over again. I was all screamy like the "Beliebers" are now.


And just for the record, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are going to be in concert on my Birthday in Detroit. I'm pretty sure that is one way I'll be spending my 21st birthday.

Not even kidding a little bit.

I think it will be a legit way to start off my celebrations. Especially since I'll go, enjoy the concert, have some drinks there, come back home and hit the bars and it probably won't even be midnight. SEE plenty of time to party for those of you all,
"if you go to that concert you won't be able to paaaaaarty with uuuuuuuuusssss-uh"
(imagine that in your whiney voice.. or your whiney friends voice. Your choice.)

Suck it up biatches.
It's my 21st.
Besides, I'm planning a totally rad birthday party for Friday (since my birthday is on a Thursday).
Well, I'm planning on planning a totally rad birthday party for Friday.
You guys can still help me to plan my birthday yo.

Then I can travel around the states and visit you for birthday drinks. :)

Well, I got off topic.

So yeah, I'm just not getting what all the Hu-Bub is all about... as far as being a super fan when it comes to Bieber.

Me, I totally get being a superfan of the BSB. I mean come on.. I think it was there 2000 tour (or something like that) where they flew out over the audience, and I managed to get close enough to the stage to be able to touch Howie's hand. I cried and vowed never to wash it again, of course that lasted all of 20 minutes, except the crying.. I'm feeling a little choked up over it now.

So yeah, when I saw that is hair was going for $12,000 I was just shocked and appalled.
I would never sell such a priceless thing being a superfan.
I mean hello.

What? I just had to. ;)
(do you guys have any idea how hard it is to take a winking picture? didn't think so)

its the best I got. but holy crap is it hard to do.


  1. On the one hand i wouldn't pay 13 cents for a lock of biebers hair (unless it was to use in a voodoo doll), on the other hand i'm glad he's raising money for an animal shelter.

    also, i totally expect you to be coming out for drinks with me on my birthday which is cinco de mayo, be prepped!

  2. Your winking picture is hilarious!

    And I loved the "uh" at the end of us. That's EXACTLY how girls like that talk!

  3. @Coyote - Birthday drinks with you will (unfortunately) have to wait till next year.. unless you want to celebrate over the summer because I'm a June baby :( ALSO.. I def. want to have drinks with you. :)

    @Sara- GIIIIRL. seriously, have you ever tried to take a winking face picture? RIDICULOUSLY hard. I should put up all of my attempts. they are hilarious and totally humiliating. The funny thing is about the "uh" is that my girlfriends all want to go with me to BSB an NKOTB, its the guys making the "uh" noise since they are clearly whiney little girls.

  4. I love this post. Your Backstreet Boy fetish dates you in my book because I had the love for KNOTB - Joey all the way (although Jon and I share a birthday) *swoon*

  5. CORT! Come to Detroit with me and live it up at the concert :) We can Swoon together.

  6. a big no on the hair. 40,000 big ones!??! you can't be serious. for something my husband would probably accidentally sweep up and throw away.

    wait a second, my husband doesn't clean...

    anyway i think the concert is the PERFECT way to spend your bday! it's like it was meant to be!

  7. LOVE that you started to complain about people complaining about you not wanting to party on your 21st.

    NKOTB and BSB is better than any bar. At least, it's the best way to kick off the night, that's fo sho.

    TOTALLY JUST REALIZED that I might have tickets to that concert too... that could be the beginning of our delicious MI Blogger meetup!!

  8. THAT IS INSANE!!! What exactly are people going to do with his hair? It freaks me out.

  9. um. i just discovered this kid existed a month ago.

    i may or may not have been protesting pop radio for the past year.

    but i gotta say, he's pretty dreamy. for a ten yr old.