Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A story, in 3 parts. Part 1. The Opening Credits.

This is my story that unfolded over the course of the last month.
I've decided to break out of hibernation and tell you because, well, I need to share it.
Here goes nothing..

I am not afraid to let my hair down, let every part of my crazy out and just be me. Someday, some where... somebody was going to find this endearing, maybe even grow to love it, but at the time I didn't care. I was too busy being me and having a good time to care if anyone noticed.

On the night of my final birthday party, I left my father's radio show, ready to drink some beer, dance and make a genuine fool of myself on that beautiful lake. A friend of mine, one that I've known for a few years, decided he was fond enough of me to do this for me at his lake house. I couldn't have been more grateful. I could drink and enjoy and indulge with my friends without having to worry about anything. There would be no trouble and no drama. The exact kind of night I had been dreaming of.

As I left, I heard the familiar beep of my phone receiving a text message and being a responsible driver, I checked it immediately. It was my Sister, talking to me about a boy she had mentioned to me and the she wanted me to meet.

"Great," I thought, "a set up, these always end well."

She gave me his name and told me to facebook him. I told her it would have to wait until I had time, I was going to the middle of no where. Where cell phone service is merely a dream and you actually have to enjoy people! Imagine that.

I arrived at my party and promptly forgot about the name of this boy and just enjoyed. I drank and went on a paddle boat ride at 3am, no worries though, life jackets were worn. (We are smart drinkers) Upon waking up the next morning, I went home to spend my day nursing myself back to health after nothing but alcohol for 3 days. Surprisingly, there wasn't any hang over, just pure exhaustion. This kind of exhaustion only allowed me to lay in bed, unable to sleep mind you, and do the facebook thing.

His name then popped back into my head.
I had to do it, otherwise curiosity would get the better of me...

"Sister, hes cute, I'd meet him"

"Did you friend him on facebook?"

"umm, no, thats a little weird don't you think?"

"No. Just do it."

So I did. Of course, I debated back and forth with myself... do I? don't I? It was enough to make my head spin. Eventually, I decided to just go for it. What could it hurt? He was a friend of my sister and brother-in-law, what harm could it do? I mean, I'll meet him one of these times I fly out to DC (where they live).

The next morning, I didn't think much about anything especially nothing having to do with a certain boy that I had friended. until I checked facebook... and wouldn't you know it, he had sent me a message. Something short, sweet and to the point.

"You must be Ella, Libby's sister. Apparently we are supposed to meet"

I replied in the only fashion I knew how at the time because frankly, I was floored this guy had decided to message me..

"Yes, that would be me. Now, tell me about yourself."

And he did. Not in a few words here or there, no. In letter form, with punctuation, and proper spelling and with an excitement you understood just by reading his words. It was amazing and utterly surprising... A surprise I was oh so grateful to have.

We ended up writing long elaborate "letters" (it was on facebook, come on now) back and forth. By the time the end of the day approached we decided to take the next step and exchanged numbers.

Me, being ever so clever, I responded to the last letter he wrote me (the one in which he gave me his number) and turned around and sent my first text to him "You've Got Mail". His response was perfect, "I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks" From then on out, we couldn't stop talking. It seemed any opportunity we had we were texting, which eventually turned into phone calls.

I was smiling like a fool every second of every day.

"This is like your movie Ella" My mom told me, and thats how I came to view it in a sense. I am realistic, which tends to hurt me in the long run, and knew that this wasn't a movie, but I remained optimistic. I had to, here is a boy who just through letters, texts and a few phone calls had swept me off my feet. I wasn't afraid of being honest or being myself. That was something new and terrifying on its own. I'd never quite done that before.. I'd only ever been versions of myself.. or lost myself completely. To be my own person and to be accepted for it, one of my luckiest moments. You know how it is, the heroine (female hero, not the drug *geez*) struggles with self acceptance and then BAM along comes a boy that changes everything, of course I saw it as my movie, and I wanted to fast forward to see how it ended. So. Badly. But where is the fun in that? Fast forwarding doesn't make for a good story or movie.

I had been planning to come out to DC to visit my Sister and Brother-In-Law the second weekend of July. When I told him about this, he was all for it. Sure there were some extrenuating factors that we couldn't help. He is in the military, when duty calls, you go. Somehow it worked out that if I came out, we could spend a day together. A whole day. Just him and I. What a thought, this was something I surely wasn't expecting. But of course, who am I to turn down an adventure?

So I called him.....

"I bought my plane ticket."

to be continued....

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOh snap!!!

    I knew it must have been a boy.

    i could sense it.

    oh so serendipitous!! i love it! this better have a good ending...eer middle.