Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So have I ever told you about how I get sick?

and by how, I mean like.. what level I get sick... if that makes any sense.. which it probably doesn't since I'm sick and nothing makes sense when I'm sick.

Well, even if I have already explained this, I'm going to explain it to you again because I think you deserve to know.. again.  OR maybe I just like talking about myself right now.

I'll get to the point now..

When I get sick, I get sick. I don't just get some stupid cold, or a little stuffy nose, I mean I get Strep, bronchitis, H1N1 (yeah, I had it. what of it?) and of course Pneumonia...

It started off as a little tickle in my throat, nothing terribly noteworthy. I let it slide for about 2 weeks and then BAM.  I woke up Saturday morning and felt like absolute garbage. Then, it just continued to get worse and worse. I was betting what it could be.. bronchitis was my first guess since I was coughing and my voice was pretty much gone. I was miserable.

I hate the doctor.
They never have good news for me.. so when I decided to head over on Tuesday morning after nothing but feeling like shit for 4 days, I was preparing myself for the worst.

and I wasn't disappointed.

I have Pneumonia.
in my right lung.

I'm exhausted and feel like garbage.

But I thought I'd share this with you since I am obviously the QUEEN of getting sick.
I know how to do it big, guys.
You clearly should be jealous.

Or, bragging about how awesome your immune system is.
Cause it wouldn't take much for jealousy on my end.
My immune system hates my guts.


I'm going to go be delusional watching Castle, Psych, Drop Dead Diva and what ever else I can find on Netflix or my DVR.


  1. My immune system sucks, too. I've just now started feeling 100% healthy for the first time since Christmas. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you get better, but probably what caused the phenomena was because you let a strip throat go for two weeks and allowed more germs to acumulate