Friday, October 22, 2010

Confessions of a Work-a-holic

I was asked a very interesting question today..

"What will you do with your savings?"

Let's back for a minute shall we?

"Hi, my name is Ella and I am a work-a-holic."

"Hi, Ella!"

For as long as I can remember I have been trying to find ways to make money. My sister would pay me to do her chores, I got an allowance and even convinced dad to give me a 50% raise weekly, I bargained for money, then I started getting babysitting gigs and then at the ripe old age of 15, I got my first job.

I worked for Mary Kay Cosmetics as a girl sitting behind a desk playing computer games and making good money for it. I could host parties if I wanted and had access to ALL the makeup I could get my 15 year old hands on, in other words.. It was the best job ever. Then my boss basically ran out of money and I had to find other work.

Then, I got a job working at a pizza joint as the milkshake girl. (Yes, as over used as this is, My milkshake, literal and metaphorical, brings the boys to the yard) I made milkshakes on the weekend and ran the cash register. They didn't trust me with much else though so I quit.

Then I started working for Tropical Smoothie. Which was DELICIOUS, but management was horrible in the worst way. My manager used to walk around singing "Dontcha wish yo girlfriend was hot like me?" by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Did I mention this was a 40 year old man with what I like to call "Little Man Syndrome"?  It was disturbing. They tried to make me come in when I had just had my wisdom teeth out and was drugged out of my mind.
"You are scheduled for today, you have to come in."

My response?

"Uhh, just cause I had just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday does NOT mean I'm stupid."

Yes I was on Vicodin and out of my mind.


I love having a job, the 5 or 6 months during the past 5 years that I haven't had a job I was busy working in theatre or.. nope, just working theatre and that entire time, I was going crazy because I was relying on my parents for money and I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do and drink all the booze I could get my hands on.. So on and so forth.

What can I say? I like to work. I like to make money. I like to be able to buy myself nice things because *I* earned it. I love the fact that I was able to pay off a loan (although, i did turn around and take a bigger loan out.. DAMN YOU LESABRE) and get a nicer car than both of my parents. I love that I get to run around and do what I please because *I* pay for my gas, my car insurance and the car. I love that my clothes are actually mine.. do you get the point?

I worked mostly in food and like I'm sure you've read a bajillion times on a fafillion (what? its a real number in my head) different sites about the horrors of working in the food industry. I, too, can atest to that fact. Sure, its great having cash, but holy bagoda (what does that even mean?) the crap I put up with really didn't make it worth it.

8 and 1/2 months ago I began working where I am right now in an office job, with a steady paycheck and yes, full benefits. It is lovely. I'm usually here later than I should be on a daily basis, but hey, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.

I think I'd go crazy not working.
Absolutely batshit, put that girl in restraints, cover your eyes!, let the women and children go first, crazy. I stay late and get in trouble for the overtime, I work my tukus off to make sure I'm doing a good job for all of my boss' and everyone else I work with. I talk about work, I dream about work, I twitch thinking about work

*eye twitches*

It's bad.

Now, back to the original question..

What will I do with my savings?

I haven't even thought about that.. mostly because up until.. I dunno a month ago I didn't have a savings. I didn't save ANY money in high school. I didn't save any money while I was doing anything else I just spent and spent and spent until my next pay check came in. Yes, I pay all of my bills on time, yes I almost always have a full tank of gas, and yes, I always have money for food... but money that I could've been saving? no way.

I lied a little.
I save my change and that is the only money I actually save. It sits in a blue cookie jar on my floor and has probably $50 in it. I only count the change when I am 100% desperate for money. I am trying not to touch until the jar is completely filled.

So what am I saving my money for?

I honestly have no clue.
I have some ideas though..
  • Travelling the world
    • I'd really like to go to Greece in 2011 so I'm *kind of* saving for that.
  • Move out of my parents house
  • Pay off my car loan (DAMN YOU LESABRE)
  • Pay off my Student Loans (I should probably finish school first)

What will you do with your savings? Do you have one?
Any advice?


  1. Nice post. I can totally relate to your little history of work ethic. I have had a job since I was 13 with only a very short break at the end of my pregnancy.

    BUT (now that I am so much older than you) I am reaching a point where I am tired of putting in all that work for someone else. I want to be able to put it into what I love and do it on MY terms.

    You should start your company. Do it now while you're young and have low overhead costs (i.e. living with your parents).

  2. OK, I read a couple of sentences and I know exactly what you should do with your savings:

    Send me money.

    Going back to read the rest of the post now.

  3. Oh! You could send me some money too!!!

  4. @Brooke I have thought seriously about opening up my own business.. possibly something small like etsy? I don't know.. i just have to figure out what the heck I could sell..

    @DC when I come out to DC to and grab drinks with you, I'll buy your drink... thats the same as sending money... right?