Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In the spirit of Halloween I am going to tell you about my worst nightmare.

It's this recurring dream I have and have had for years and frankly, it scares me absolutely shitless. I wake up in a cold sweat crying every single time.

It starts out in an amusement park, much like Cedar Point only its all themed rides. There are disney rides, kitchen (yes, the place you cook) rides etc.. etc.. but much like the Dragster at Cedar Point, the main thrill ride is the Dino Ride.

It is this huge weaving coaster that goes directly through a T-Rex's mouth.

Do you see where this is going yet?

So, I'm a huge thrill seeker apparently out to prove something by riding this monster (literally) of a ride all by myself, front car. I get in and the chest bars (is that what they are called) come down on me and I try to latch it, but it doesn't work and the ride starts up anyways.

The ride starts to crank up the hill, one notch at a time and I'm watching the T-Rex the entire time and it seems to me I saw it blink.

"It's plastic Ella, there is no way it is blinking at you."

But then, it blinks again, puffs snorts some air at me and detaches itself from the ride with its eyes clearly on me.

At this point, I'm grateful I never had to latch my chest bar, I jump out and manage to escape his first attempt at eating me. I run around the under body of the ride and the T-Rex is on my tail the entire time. He screams/roars up and down so angry he can't get to me. His eyes are blood red and his gigantic tail swings trying to knock me over.

The little one would be me, running for my damn life.

For a long time I was safe underneath anything from the ride.

Now, the dream has evolved and the mother effin' T-Rex can jump and I am only safe standing directly under the track of the ride. There is no escape. I am stuck underneath this roller coaster waiting for this damn T-Rex to come and eat me.

Did I mention that because of this dream I am absolutely horrified of Tyrannosaurus Rex's? Cause I am. I think that Night at the Museum and Toy Story (all 3) are the only movies I can watch that have T-Rex's in them that don't make me piddle in my pants a bit.

So, now that I've given you my worst nightmare as well as the most ridiculous phobia ever, which I couldn't find the actual phobia name for so if you know it please share, what is your worst nightmare?

Effin' scary right?

I'd love to feature your worst nightmare, if you are interested please feel free to email me at breathofella@gmail.com, I'd like to feature some of these in these final weeks of the Haunted Halloween Season.


  1. My Gosh - scary stuff. Don't think Ive ever dreamed of dinosaurs but now I probably will.
    I have to think about which nightmare I would submit. I can remember them from childhood. Hmm.. thinking .. thinking..

  2. I haven't had the dream in about 3 or 4 months (it used to be a weekly thing) now I'm sure it is going to come back with revenge on its mind..

  3. When I was a kid, I had driving dreams all the time. I'd dream that I stole my parents' car and was driving it around until it crashed. I would wake up PANICKED!!!

  4. I hate that.

    I've had dreams like that too. Only we had a jet. clearly I had high hopes for my family back then.