Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog Swap: Who doesn't LOVE wombats?

So this is Brittany and she is fantastic. I was going to write this big long fantastic thing about how the fates brought us together via 20 something blogger's Blog Swap, but she beat me to the punch on that one. :] Also, she has a REALLY freakin' cute baby and a hot husband (Sorry Britt! Had to say it!). Anywho, I'll be working on part 3 of a Daddy/Daughter story for you today while you enjoy her!

Without Further Ado, I give you Brittany, from Hairy Babies! (link below.)


Hey, ya'll! I'm Brittany comin' atcha from Richmond, VA.

Just kidding. We don't really talk like that here.

Sorry. I say a lot of unnessary things. I've got a blog called Hairy Babies where I talk about stuff even when I have nothing to say. Subjects include but are not limited to: candy corn, my bicycle, my boobs (which I'm currently using on a daily basis to feed a baby), and of course, said baby (Henry). He's not really hairy.

I'm really enjoying reading Ella's blog so far, and glad to have a chance to share a story of my own.

I believe this was meant to be.

Because in Ella's world, weird and random things happen to her all the time.

And in my world? I'm probably the cause of those things for the people around me. I have a special gift for making people uncomfortable.

There were a few stories I sifted through before deciding to tell you all about the wombat incident. There was the incident of the flooded toilet. The incident of trying to play "would you rather" with some strangers in an elevator. And sadly, etcetera. But today, I bring you: the incident of the wombat.

So a few years ago, my husband and I were looking for a place to live. We came across an ad that sounded like a perfect situation. Nice area, good amenities, yada yada.

Well, you know how it is when you see a place you like. You gotta get in there and snatch it up. So I immediately set off to email the landlord.

In the meantime, on a separate internet tab, I was enjoying some rather cute pictures of some wombats. Like this:
And this:
Tell me those pictures don't make your day and you are a liar.

Next thing I knew, I came across a picture of a wombat on a leash. (I wish I could share it with you but I have never been able to find that picture again. If you ever find a picture of a wombat on a leash, please send it to me ASAP.)

Anyway, I did what any self-respecting wombat lover would do when stumbling across such marsupial gold, and sent it in an email to my husband, with only the subject line, "Isn't this cute?"

My husband replied to my email asking him why I sent him something with questions about an apartment.
And that's when I realized: I send the prospective landlady the picture of the wombat intended for my husband, and my husband the email about the apartment. I can only hope the landlady enjoyed the wombat on the leash as much as I did, but I fear she did not, as she never replied, and therefore, I never actually got to ask if we could please have the apartment.

I'm going to wrap this up by digging a little bit into the prompt we were given when we signed up for this blog swap: What will you do next year that you've been putting off for too long?

I think I'm going to consider kicking landlords to the curb entirely, and start looking into buying a house. I'm scared shitless about signing over my life and bank account for 30+ years, but I have a kid now and I'm managing that okay, so I think I can probably manage a house. One thing I probably cannot deal with much longer is crazy landlords and crappy apartments. Also, a lot of times they don't allow pets, and I still kind of want a wombat.

PS - it doesn't happen often, but you have got to read this article about a wombat mauling someone. Can you even imagine?! You're laughing a little bit, aren't you? Wow, jerk.
Image 1

Image 2


  1. I love it. The wombat pics did make me smile.

  2. my name is also britteny.

    i'm a bit offended that this blog was about a different awesome brittany - who also spells her name correctly and has a hot husband.

    way to make me depressed for the holidays.


  3. oh no other britteny - you must not have looked at the wombat pictures for long enough! scroll back up, and you will feel better.

  4. 1st wombat picture- cute. 2nd picture, you ruined your case. so creepy! although it did make my day in a strange sorta way. great post!