Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Daddy/Daughter Story. Part 1.

Growing up, I had a prominent father figure.

I knew who my father was and my parents are still married so I *still* live with him.
There is no doubt in my mind that he is my dad. We look* and act alike on so many levels.

*Of course, I look a lot more like my mom, but we aren't talking about her today.

My dad took care of me while I was growing up, he has pictures of me in his wallet to show off..

hell, he was even the first person to take me to a bar.
Granted, I was 3 weeks old and OBVIOUSLY didn't know where the heck I was.
He and his friends sang me "My Girl".
What can I say? We love our Motown 'round here.

I know what it is like to have a father, no, to have a dad.

My friend didn't.. or doesn't.. not sure yet.
And it is her story I want to share with you.

She didn't have a dad, and we all knew that. Our entire group.
but 2 of us she confided in about him, saying she wished she knew him, wished she could meet him, and hoped beyond hope to just know her dad.

The three of us back in September.
Mama B (her), Mosey, and I

She received a picture of her father from her mother at the age of 16.
Her* pursuit to find him only intensified.

She found out that he attended her high school, with my dad no less.
She found he lived in Florida and asked us if we would go with her to one day meet her dad.

We said yes and began dreaming of that day finally becoming a reality.

I think we 'planned' our trip to Florida about a 1000 times until this past summer when she announced to us she was going to Florida for real, and she wanted US to go with her. Well, we said yes, obviously, and began planning away.

My parents didn't think it was a good idea. Didn't think I should get so involved in personal matter, especially ones that are as deep and personal as meeting a father. I really didn't care, I knew that I was supposed to go with her, otherwise it wouldn't even have been a remote possibility for me.

So, we all made our plans, set the date and were ready and waiting to go.
We just needed her to send the letter to her father and then play the waiting game to see if he would respond.

The harsh reality of the entire situation was the fact that none of us thought she would actually make contact and be able to meet her father. We didn't really know the true reason he wasn't around so meeting him wasn't really something we expected to happen, just a nice little fantasy. We all accepted it and were determined to enjoy the beautiful Floridian weather anyways.

Then the day of our departure came and all of us were an anxious mess. Well, me and my travel companions, She was already down there for her conference. I was antsy and SO ready to get on the road and high tail it out of Michigan the seconds inched by while I waited for my friends to arrive so we could leave.

they arrived.

"Have you talked to [her] yet?"

"No.. why?"

"Her dad texted, he wants to meet her!!!!!!!"

My jaw dropped to the floor.
It was really happening.
Something we all admitedly doubted, of course not out loud until after we knew this was really happening, was actually going to become a reality.

It was so unreal to hear those words. I was more excited then ever and began the 1,200 mile drive with such vigor..

One of my best friend's dream was coming true
 and we were going to be able to be apart of it.

*don't know if she would want her name out here so she will be she/her


  1. I want to read the next part, like NOW.

  2. Well if work didn't take up so much of my damn time I'd be done by now.

    OH and did I mention my laptop is broken? Yeah.. no computer other than at work to work on part dos. But it is in the works and I have EVERY intention on posting it tomorrow.

    Patience Grasshopper. :)

    ALSO, I want to come visit LA next year.
    Email soon?

  3. Well this story either goes really well or really miserably. Here's hoping it goes really well.

  4. Its like an unexpected christmas present.

    Either that or a letter from the IRS saying you owe back taxes, late fees and a penalty, and they have a spare cot in Wesleys Snipe's jail waiting for you.

    I assume it will be the former.

  5. You guys look CUTE in that picture! :)