Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I will be the one with bells & whistles, celebrating your departure.

Dear 2010,

What the eff?

You were kind of a jerk.
Okay, more like I want to sucker punch you in the nads because you were such an asshole to me.

Sure, there were some good times, but I haven't really thought too much about those in the past couple months. So before we get into you beating me with a wooden spoon, lets discuss the good things shall we?

  • Welcomed the New Year
  • Applied for a new job and got said new job. (thank god)
  • Got to go out to DC to see my Sister.
  • My birthday. Duh.
  • New Hampshire with my Family = AMAZING.
  • Paid off my Car Loan & got a New Car.
  • Went to Florida
  • One of my Best Friend's got to meet her Father for the first time (I SWEAR I'M FINISHING THE TRILOGY)
  • I got accepted and officially get to be a college student again :]
So you see, the list is short. VERY short. Thankfully, there are a few good things in there, otherwise I probably would've gone ABSOLUTELY crazy.

I am trying REALLY hard not to let the bad outweigh the good.. okay?

So let's get into the crap you dished out to me 2010, shall we?

  • The weekend before I start my new job I need a new gas line in my car. Which means I had to pay for a tow and for it to be fixed as well as a new tank of gas for me and the person toting my ass around. The next week my car payment was due and I had ZERO money to even get to work let alone pay that. thankfully one of my last paychecks from the Bob came in and I could cover it. But I was broke until my first paycheck on the final day of the month.
  • I lost a friend. He committed suicide the night before Easter. That was not a phone call I ever wanted to receive, not that anyone does. I spent the next week in a blur of emotions, taking care of everyone because people thought I was seasoned at helping people take care of this since this was my 3rd friend that I had lost to suicide. You know, it wasn't until everything was over and I was sitting alone that anyone asked me how I was doing, not even my boyfriend. I was angry then, not terribly angry now about it because I truly do understand. I miss Julian a lot.
  • Despite it being my birthday (which birthdays are awesome no matter what) it was a sucky birthday because I turned 20. There is nothing fun about being 20. At all. Need I say more?
  • The day before a work fundraiser and two days before I leave to go to New Hampshire, my freakin' car, Alfie, breaks down. I was on my way home from cleaning it when I noticed it driving funny. Then it started smoking and I pulled over. And, as my luck would have it, it was a blown head gasket that would cost $1,000. That is 1/2 of what I paid for the vehicle. Clearly not  worth it to get it fixed. Thus began my 2 month struggle with finding rides to and from work, trying to balance a boyfriend, and car shopping.
  • Boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up. I am still having a really hard time talking about it, despite it almost being.. 4 months(ish).
  • The Ex goes ballistic and become a psycho babbling shit talking asshole. I cry nonstop for weeks.
  • The Holiday's. They are just rough, I have felt so alone. I'm continuing to develop these feelings and I don't know what to do with them. I am confused and irrational. But, 90% of my time is spent being irrational so I guess not too much has changed.

2010, you were a mean and nasty cold that I just couldn't get rid of (until 4 days from now that is). I hope your incessant ickyness doesn't carry over into what I am determined to make the best year of my life. I guess overall it wasn't that bad. I probably just feel worse than I should, but let me tell you 2010, I am ready for you to be over. This way I am forced to continue moving forward and have to look at the world with fresh eyes once again.

I hope with 2011 I find happiness and peace.

So 2010, I am bidding you adieu (for the next 4 days) because really, I am not terribly sorry to see you go.*

Yours truly,

May 2011 be the BEST year for each and every one of you.

*Thus begins my absence until the New Year. When I will bring you the final chapter of the Daddy Daughter Story and a post about my home city, Flint, MI. Get excited.


  1. You know its nice to know that someone else's 2010 sucked just ass much as mine. One day we will find 2010 when he is sleeping and suffocate him!

  2. I sincerely hope so.

    I'll make a pillow for the special occasion.

  3. And you made it through alive! That is a victory. I hope 2011 is kinder to you. 2010 sucked bootyhole for a lot of us.

  4. And I thought my 2010 sucked. I hope 2011 is better for you.

  5. I can't think of a better way to say a farewell to the worst f-ing year ever.
    2010 was an asshole to me all year long as well. My daughter got cancer, my two year old niece was struck and killed by a car, my daughter's roommate at the hospital, (also with cancer) died a few weeks ago.
    Anyway, great post, you did a fantastic job of telling off 2010. :-)
    Happy New Year.

  6. It seems to me, 2010 sucked for everyone!
    HERES TO 2011!!! =)