Thursday, December 2, 2010

The beginning of a brand new... something.


There are so few words to describe what the experience was like.
How life changing it was for me, thought I didn't realize it till the day after I returned, and for my friends who went on this journey with me...

Honestly, I never thought it would happen. I thought it was just going to be one of those trips you talk and dream about for ages that ends up falling through.. I just had a gut feeling about it. Where would I get the money? Do I *really* want to take my car down there? What are we going to do? etc... etc... etc...

But it happened.
I had the money.
We took my car.
We covered a LOT of ground in 5 days.

So.. let's start from the beginning.

You read my post about the day I left. Where i was all spazzy and psycho?

Well it didn't end after work, it continued on even after I arrived home. I was jittery and excited and nervous and GAHHHH... So ready to get the hell out of town.

Finally at around 8pm, my friends arrived at my house to leave in my little car to have the road trip of a life time.

we spent something like.. 21 hours in the car, leaving officially at 8:45 (give or take) and arriving in Orlando at 5:30 (give or take) the next day.

It was sunny, beautiful and all palm tree'd out.
We were hot, sweaty, stinky, greasy, gross and exhausted.. and possibly a tad bit hungry.

So, we took turns showering and getting ready before we headed out like Zombies to get some pizza and figure out what to do the rest of the night..

We were absolutely zombified. Sat at dinner staring off into space.. more like the wall, barely moving our limbs.. it was so weird.

Now, I'm not actually planning on giving you a play by play of the entire trip.. there is a point to this post and why it is being set up this way.. the rest of the Florida series will be me just talking about the big things that are going to be happening and what Florida made me realize and yadee yada yada.. any(sorry about that tangent) who...

We stood outside the restaurant debating on what to do.. do we go to a bar? Universal strip(? I don't even know if thats what its really called, I was too tired to care) or... DOWNTOWN DISNEY.

Well... obviously.

Out of the 3 of us that drove down together, only 1 of us had never been to Disney so it was pretty much a given that we had to go.

One of the many amazing experiences I had was watching her truly experience Disney for the first time. I felt like a proud parent snapping pictures of her has she fully emersed herself into the Magic that is Disney.. even if it was only Downtown. :)

Here are some pictures :)

Can you tell we are tired after 21 hours in the car?

Sexy face with Donald Duck hat?

DINOSAURS. (my worst nightmare)

It clearly ain't easy being Green.

First thing we saw and we knew they wanted us to be their guest. It was so welcoming. :)


WOODY! need I say more?


  1. OHHH makes me miss home. I lived so close to Disney most of my life.. now when I see the pics... I wanna go home!!

  2. Sounds like you had fun. I've never been to Disney myself, but I like the Donald Duck hat!

  3. i been to Disney when I was a kid, it was an awesome experience but if i go to Orlando now i'll only be thinking about the girls there lol

  4. @Mama - Like I said via twitter yesterday, we need to chat about this!

    @Tsaritsa - the Donald duck hate was fun, of course, I couldn't convince myself to put that bad boy on.

    @Cameron - It's really strange going there and being older because sometimes, all you really can think about is the opposite sex! So I can't say I blame you!

  5. You look so cute in your Mickey hat! :)