Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I think I broke a world record today.

I was...


In and out of...


Urgent Care and picking up my prescription (includes all waiting and driving done)

WAIT FOR IT.. (do you want to punch me a little? I want to punch me a little)



Okay, so here's the skinny.

4 days ago I woke up and my eye was just irritated. It hurt to blink, have it open, have it closed, whatever. I figured that a Sty (is that how you spell it? Or is it Stye?) was developing and in a couple of days it would go away. Well, the sty (stye) never showed. It just became a big blob of ick. It hurt and still hurts, but yesterday it began to itch so I figured something was up.

I did something very grown up today and found myself a doctor. Unfortunately, my current insurance doesn't cover the doctor I've had my ENTIRE life so I've put off finding a new doctor since nothing was wrong with me.

For those of you in looking but not really looking for a doctor, take my advice and go find a doctor before you are in my shoes, with an icky and uncomfortable predicament and have to pray that the doctors you call are accepting new patients.

Anyway, I got through and found me a doctor only to learn I needed a new patient appointment.. on the 12th of November.

I didn't really want my eye to fall out of my head before then so I had to go to the icky urgent care place around the corner from my house.

$50 later, I have been diagnosed with an infection or an infected sty (stye) and have to take some antibiotics and put this oooey goooey ointment in my eye. To me, this seems like a very expensive infected sty (stye), that doesn't even include my prescriptions. Seems like I didn't quite get the BANG for my buck here. (sarcasm in case that didn't come across... I'm not completely insensitive.)

This ointment is supposed to go into my eye in a ribbon and I'm supposed to blink it in to where it needs to go.

That would be easy if the ointment wasn't like the sealer you use for tiling okay. So far, its only stuck to the tip of the tube and I've had to shove my finger in my eye, I'm sure that helps, only for it to stick to my lashes and the rest of my eye.

I really just feel like getting an eye patch and a parrot and walking around grunting "arrrrrrrrrrrg"'s and "AHOY MATEY"s to those who cross my path.


*ahem* my bad.

I wonder what sleeping will be like with an eye that is practically glued shut.
I'll let you know.

So, CAN someone PLEASE tell me how to spell sty (stye)?
I'm too lazy and my eye hurts.


  1. meh...stye is close enough for me and um that effing sucks...but pirates fucking rock.

  2. Eye troubles really do blow. I would just get rid of the eye completely and chalk it up to a loss, if I were you...

  3. You were right - stye. And OHH do I know what you mean about finding a new dr. We had to do that when we moved here to Ohio. Of course me being me I waited until I was 2 steps from death to do so. Took some shopping around.. but Ive finally found one I like and she is not a dr at all but an CNP working under a dr. LOVE HER!!

  4. @Paige I'm definitely thinking of going the pirate route. I had to talk to a lady at work today and she wasn't listening only staring at my eye.

    @Sara if you want to come up here and take it out for me, it would be greatly appreciated.. Unless by the time you get here its all better.. then we would just get drunk.

    @Mama I knew I was right somewhere in there.. I lucked out and got through with a doctor that was accepting new patients my first go around.. Now I just have to wait and see if I like her.. She comes highly recommended though so BONUS.