Sunday, November 21, 2010

quick update.

Just wanted to pop in a quick update since I wasn't around much this week.

I'm leaving for Florida on Tuesday night & of course, I'm feeling exceptionally broke for my trip, but that's okay, I'll make it work. :]

Work has been a madhouse.
Popcorn is FINALLY a week away from being officially over.
I can only imagine what I will have to deal with this week though...
Oh well, its work.. what do you do?

I've been super busy watching Charmed on Netflix and half assing crunches in an attempt to get a beach body.  

I started Physical Therapy for my shoulder this week and that's interesting and WAY too freakin' early in the morning.

Well, that pretty much sums up everything.
I'm going to post tomorrow no matter what, I also have to get some posts prepped for you while I'm in Florida. GAH, I have so much to do.

But for now, my eyes are heavy and Psych is on Netflix and obviously.

*UPDATE* After reading this 5 seconds after I posted, I realized this is the WORST post ever and promise to give you better things tomorrow. 

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