Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hold my Hand.

I think it is time I informed you of what my life is becoming.

A wreck.

I'll try not to make this your typical downer.. however, I think I'm entitled to it this one time..

Recently, my entire life was altered. I'm not completely ready to talk about the happenings just yet, but soon my loves, very soon you will know what is going on..

What I can tell you is I'm feeling very lost, very confused and very sad. There has been such a build up of shit in my life up to this point that I finally broke. I've always been the person to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders for everyone but me. I'm always the one to come and take care of you even though it is also my time of need. For the past 20 years, I've been good at doing this, I've strived to be the best person I could be for everyone else and have neglected to take care of the only person I can count on.. me.

So I'm taking time to be selfish.
To find me again.
It's going to be a long and grueling journey.
If the past month has been any indication of what is to come.. I'm really in for something.... well, I don't really have the words for it.

Now I ask you, take my hand and be one of my guiding lights out of this darkness that I find myself trapped in.. The walls are closing in on me.

I'm going to try to share as much of this with you as I am comfortable with.
Even though I'm the most comfortable writing here, sharing with those of you who feel my pain, I still am fighting the urge to be the strong one for all of you.

I'm here. Always will be.
Especially if you need me, no matter how far away I am..
You should know, I'm notorious for getting up at all hours of the night to drive to anyone in their hour of need. I'd do the same for all of you.

So, hold my hand.


  1. You got it, hot stuff... it might have some boogers on it though because both of the kiddos have a nasty cold :(.

  2. Oh, I've got ya. My hand can be used for holding during hard times, punching stupid bitchez (when necessary), or making wild gestures when I'm telling crazy stories. Plus they can flip people off or make giant glasses of wine.

    Pretty impressive for just two hands, no? :)

  3. Whatever is going on, know that we're here for you!

  4. I could kiss you all.
    I guess its time to buy a plan ticket or 5 and get to you and lay one on ya.. if you know what I'm saying.. :]

    thank you.
    from the bottom of my heart.
    all of you.

  5. Whatever is going on, I'm here holding your hand and cheering you on! If you need to talk about ANYTHING let me know! I know how it feels to feel lost. I'm right there with you!